In Dreams Awake

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

(Henry David Thoreau)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Just One Review

  Well, it's only a week since my last blog, which is short for me. But a lot's happened, so here I am again.

  First up, my second novel Blood and Gold is now out on Amazon Kindle and as a print book, via CreateSpace, It's another Fantasy, if somewhat different to The Risen King. Secondly, Risen King itself is now on Smashwords, so it either is or soon will be available on mobile phones and suchlike which use different platforms: Android, Apple and so on.

  (It's actually amazing that although I've published before, putting out Blood and Gold still gave me a secret sort of thrill. I sort of suspect I'll still get that in 30 years)

  Anyway, the other big thing that happened is I picked up my first official review, from someone on the Amazon list of indie reviewers. This woman's name is Jennifer Hyndman, and after reading Risen King she was kind enough to say this;

   I have found a new passion and it is discovering indie author treasures. This is one of those. Immediately I was taken with the beauty of this authors writing... which draws the suspense in such as way as the intrigue kept me reading for two solid hours. What a great ability to define such nature and character within a story with mere words.
   I was very much surprised to find a new and original story line to immerse myself in. It is a personal adventure, and as I read on the author leads you into his world by attaching your mind to the characters. You live their world and their thoughts. You bond with them which seems and develop an emotional attachment... when you find an indie author with fluid prose and the ability to capture you into the tale, you should pass it on. (5 stars)

  I can't believe I was given such a review as that, especially as it was my first. Right away thanks are due to Jennifer Hyndman, who like most online reviewers is snowed under, and who took the time to read my book and offer her opinion. I know reviewers do it for the joy of reading as much as anything, but it must still be a brain-numbing task sometimes, so I'm grateful to anyone who makes the effort, whatever they say in review.

  But when someone says that... wow. It's a single review, that's all, but to we insecure, doubt-gnawed writers something like this is precious indeed. I've said it once, but again won't hurt: thank you, to Ms Hyndman and to all the reviewers, because you do an important job and if we're not grateful to you, we should be.